About us

Albina culegand polen din floareEuropean Bio Honey Co is a private Romanian - Danish company a leader in Romanian market. It was founded in 1997 as an answer to the growing requests of buying Romanian honey bee products for the European markets, especially for Germany, Denmark and UK.
The main activity goal of our company is to purchase, to process and to export the Romanian natural bio honey bee. The most wanted types of honey are: Acacia, polyfloral, lime and rape honey. From the total export, 50% are represented by the BIO honey.
European Bio Honey Co produces and sells rolled wax honeycombs, purchases and distributes bee food (APIMERA), so needed for the cold season. Also it offers to the romanian beekeeper a wide range of supplies, materials, instalations, treatments and equipment for beekeeping.
The Romanian honey is international well-known and appreciated for its special qualities. That is why the request of Romanian honey has grown annually, which has lead to the development in the last 20 years of the Romanian beekeeping and to the alignment of the quality standards requested by the external market.